Hello. Good evening. why didn t you answer my letter? did you get my last letter? do you want to correspond with me? if you don'€™t want it and write to me. if you want to meet I will be glad to communicate with you. Nataliya.

Ich traume davon die liebe meines lebens zu finden und wonach suchst du? ich bin jetzt einsam in der ukraine gibt es sehr wenige gute manner schreib hier ich verbringe Zeit allein und es macht mich traurig. wissen Sie wie ich meine Trauer verjagen kann?

Hello Am very honored to meet your acquaintance and am very happy for the understanding mind …I am sure there are many things you would like to ask me. I’m Elizabeth Bella Smith by name. Am totally new to this online dating stuff and I am a single lady of 30 years old. I worked as a Makeup artist and hair stylist but at the moment i am not working. My dad is an Amsterdam but my mother originated from a country called Benin Republic, my dad work as a petroleum engineer in Nigeria, while my mom work as a teacher.

Dear Friend, Thank you very much for your response and for accepting my suggestion. How is life there, I hope you and your family are fine, I’m fine here in Afghanistan. Like I said, my name is Sergeant Matthew Emilia. American Citizen, From Charlotte, North Carolina, Consider Portland Oregon, I graduated from Park Rose Senior High School, Portland Oregon, I am currently in Afghanistan for a war zone for a peacekeeping mission due to the war crisis going on here in Afghanistan.